My personal website.

Hi! I’m Nick.

I’m a software engineering manager currently employed at Google.

This is a personal site of mine, meant to provide a detailed career and project history but also deep dive into the experiences I’ve had along the way.


As for the professional basics about me:

My focus has mainly been on software education, monetization, social, e-commerce and mobile products.

I’ve found nothing more fun than to turn creative ideas into software, market and monetize them but also provide servant leadership for the amazing teams I’ve been lucky enough to be on.

Throughout my career thus far, my focus has been on education, e-commerce, social and mobile products.

I’m additionally interested in tech marketing and monetization.

How I Learned Coding

Before even owning a computer in middle school, Nick would copy down, by hand, video games written in BASIC into his daily journal because the code looked cool. In high school, he started teaching himself programming, becoming an obsessed “programming book enthusiast”


Though, if you’re looking for a high level professional profile, my LinkedIn can be found here.

As for the personal basic about me: